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Buy Tibetan singing bowls online, BetiLife™ offers beautiful and authentic Tibetan musical bowls made in Tibet, China, all Tibetan singing prayer bowls are produced and handcrafted by local Tibetan traditional artisans from Tibet, China, and are great for meditation, sound healing, and relaxation, gently vibrating the bowl to produce a soothing sound that will bring calmness and harmony to your mind or soul while removing fatigue from your body.

Tibetan Singing Bowls

Effects of Tibetan Buddhist Bowl

1. Religious usage

In the religious context, Tibetan bells are primarily associated with Buddhist meditation and chanting, although they are also used in Taoist practices.

2. Use in music

Tibetan bowls that were capable of singing began to be imported to the West from around the early 1970s. The musicians Henry Wolff and Nancy Hennings have been credited with the singing bowl's introduction for musical purposes in their 1972 new-age album Tibetan Bells (although they gave no details of the bowls used in the recording).

Wolff and Hennings' seminal recording was followed by the development of a unique style of American singing bowl music called 'Tibetan music'. This has remained very popular in the US with many recordings being marketed as World music or New-age music since the introduction of those terms in the 1980s. 'Tibetan singing bowls' have as a result become a prominent visual and musical symbol of Tibet, to the extent that the most prevalent modern representation of Tibet within the US is that of bowls played by Americans.

3. Spirituality and healing

In the West, singing bowls are sometimes used in alternative medicine, their modern popularity for that purpose perhaps deriving from the modal vibration studies known as Cymatics carried out by the physician Hans Jenny (1904–1972). They are also used in sound therapy and for personal spirituality by those who believe that sound can work on the chakras. Western recordings of so-called 'Tibetan music' frequently associate the bowls with relaxation, as well as attributing them with healing powers and the ability to create some sort of 'altered state' in the mind of the listener. It has been argued that the altered state (whether meditative, spiritual, drug-related, or all three) is a key association with 'Tibetan music' in the US and adds to the market value of that representation of Tibet.

They have become popular with music therapists and sound healers, yoga, and meditation practitioners.

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