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Buy Tibetan prayer beads online, BetiLife™ sells authentic Tibetan mala beads, Tibetan beads, Tibetan Buddhist monk beads, mala bracelets, and Mala necklaces, and all Tibetan Mala prayer bead products are sourced from local Tibetan businesses or traditional handicrafts in Tibet, China.

A Japa mala, Jaap maala, or simply Mala (Sanskrit: माला; mālā, meaning 'garland') is a loop of prayer beads commonly used in Indian religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism.

Malas are used by Buddhists (& Hindus) for mantra repetition & meditation.

Tibetan Mala (prayer) beads are a great tool to use during meditation practice or wear as a daily spiritual reminder.

They can be made from various types of wood (sandalwood, agarwood, cedarwood), seeds (bodhi seed, rudraksha, etc.), metals (gold, silver, copper), and precious & semi-precious stones, there are full-sized malas (108 beads in general) or wrist malas (often 21 or 27 beads).

Tibetan prayer beads

Tibetan Buddhist Mala Prayer Beads

Various types of malas (Tibetan: trengwa) are used in Tibetan Buddhism, including "Bodhi seed" (commonly made from seeds of a Ziziphus tree), wood (such as sandalwood), bone, and precious stones. Tibetan Buddhists generally consider malas made from precious stones as the best kind. Some popular stones are agate, sapphire, or lapis lazuli. Semiprecious stones such as carnelian and amethyst may be used, as well.

Some common general-purpose malas in Tibetan Buddhism are made from rattan seeds (especially Calamus jenkinsianus). These beads are called "moon and stars" by Tibetans, and variously called "lotus root", "lotus seed" and "linden nut" by various retailers (though it does not come from any Nelumbo plants). The bead itself is very hard and dense, ivory-coloured (which gradually turns a deep golden brown with long use), and has small holes (moons) and tiny black dots (stars) covering its surface.

Tibetan Buddhists also teach that certain types of malas can enhance specific practices or bring specific benefits.

For example:

  1. Malas made of wood (sandalwood or bodhi tree wood), bodhi seeds, various jewels, or ivory are all purpose malas and are said to be good for all kinds of mantras and practices.
  2. Crystal, pearl, conch, nacre, wood, seeds, or other clear or white in color beads may be used to count mantras used for peaceful deity yoga practices and purification practices, for these types of practices, white colored beads and a white colored thread are preferred.
  3. Beads made of precious metals like gold or silver may be used for increasing practices, such as increasing lifespan, knowledge, or merit, for these types of practices, yellow colors, and colored thread are preferred.
  4. Red Coral is for magnetizing / power practices, and red color is used for the threads. The color red is also associated with the Padma family of Buddhas (who are highly revered in Tibet).
  5. Rudraksha, bone, iron, steel, and turquoise are preferred for subjugating malicious spirits or for the tantric transformation of powerful afflictions like anger (this is sometimes called "wrathful practice"), for these types of practices, black is the preferred color.

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