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Buy Tibetan flags online, recognize authentic Chinese Tibetan prayer flags for sale source, and prefer BetiLife™ traditional handmade Tibetan peace flags. Tibetan flags (Himalayan prayer flags / དར་ལྕོག་ / 經幡), also known as Wind horse Prayer Flags, a colorful pieces of rectangular or square streamer with written mantras or printed scripture prayers and images of deities, often hung on trails and peaks high in Tibet and the Himalayas, so that sentient beings can see, hear, read, contemplate, dust and touch and gain benefits, or by the power of the wind as a horse carries the scriptures to be sent to the surrounding countryside to benefit the sentient beings everywhere; the meaning of which is used for spreading the prayers of the sentient beings, Blessings, Goodwill, Compassion, Peace, Sympathy, Strength and Wisdom.

Tibetan Flags

Embrace the spirit of the Himalayan, Tibetan traditions by hanging Tibetan prayer flags in your home or garden, and let each flag, printed with prayer mantras and images of the Buddha, carry blessings, compassion, peace, goodwill, wisdom, and strength that will flutter in the wind and spread.

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