Sangye Si / 桑耶寺 / བསམ་ཡས་

Samye Monastery's architectural pattern is both magnificent atmosphere and exquisite elegance, stay in the halls, pagodas, buildings, pavilions, listen to the Buddha's name, watch the debate, enjoy the frescoes, offerings, immersed in them, feel the Tibetan Buddhism's profundity and the temple's cultural inclusiveness.

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Buddha Statue for Sale

  • Handmade With Love

    Handmade With Love

    At BetiLife™, we believe in preserving the ancient traditions of Tibetan handicrafts by creating beautiful handmade pieces with love and care.

  • Rooted in Knowledge

    Rooted in Knowledge

    Our Tibetan handicrafts are rooted in knowledge passed down for generations, discover the artistry and culture behind each unique piece.

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    Planet Protective

    BetiLife™ is committed to using sustainable materials and eco-friendly practices to create our beautiful Tibetan handicrafts.

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    Fair Trade

    We believe in fair trade and paying our artisans fairly for their incredible craftsmanship, we support ethical and sustainable business practices.