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Buy Tibetan bells online and choose from authentic Chinese Tibetan made Tibetan prayer bells, Buddhist prayer bells, Tibetan hanging bells and dorje vajra, Tibetan tingsha bells, Tibetan wind bells, and other meditation bells.

Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Bells

The Tibetan Tingsha Bells (ཏིང་ཤགས) are small cymbals during meditation and rituals by Tibetan Buddhist practitioners. The two cymbals are joined together by a cord, leather strap, or chain. The cymbals are struck together producing a clear and high pitched tone.

Tibetan Tingsha Bells

Tibetan Hand Bells / Tibetan Hanging Bells and Dorje Vajra

The handbell represents wisdom and the feminine aspect of the divine, while the Dorje or thunderbolt represents the creative forceful male energy, during ceremonies, the bell is held in the left hand with the Dorje in the palm of your right hand, as the sound of the bell resonates, together they balance the negative with the positive to harmonize one's life and surroundings.

Tibetan Hanging Bells and Dorje Vajra

Tibetan Wind Bells / Tibetan Wind Chimes

They are often used to promote positive energy and ward off evil, and negative energy, and each time the wind blows, Tibetan wind chimes transmit chimes to convey the listener's prayers and blessings.

Tibetan Wind Chimes

With the unique and beautifully crafted Tibetan bells for sale at BetiLife™, each melodious chime creates a harmonious atmosphere, inviting peace and tranquility into your space.

These ancient meditation bells have been used to relieve mental stress and reduce anxiety levels, they help to allow the free flow of positive Chi energy, and ward off negativity, which promotes a flow of healthy energies throughout the body.