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Buy Tibetan prayer wheel of transmission online and choose from authentic Tibetan wheels of transmission made in Tibet, China from BetiLife™. The prayer wheel (འཁོར་ལོ། / 轉經輪) also known as the prayer tube, sutra cylinder, or Tibetan Mani wheel, is in the Chinese Tibetan Buddhist monasteries installed around several sequential rotations of the wheel, usually with cloth, silk, satin, cow, and sheepskin wrapped, there are also made of wood, copper, the outside of the wheel is written with Ranjana or Tibetan mantra, rotating the cylinder, equal to the recitation of the inner Tibetan scriptures and mantras once, as to see a thousand Buddhas, to clean up the disease, evil spirits, sin, bad karma, and to stimulate the good wishes of the heart to obtain peace of mind. This is to purify diseases, evil spirits, adverse sins, and bad karma, to accumulate merit, to stimulate good wishes within the heart, and to obtain peace of mind.

Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Wheel

There are two types of Tibetan prayer wheels, one is the large fixed one, and the other is the small hand crank buddhist prayer wheel. The fixed large-scale meridian wheel is mostly placed in some Tibetan temples, such as the Potala Palace outside the west wall of a row of meridian cylinders, the main gate of the Dazhao Temple on the left side of the two huge meridian cylinders, Samye temple meridian wheel; small-scale meridian wheel to the hand held buddhist prayer wheel, most of them are the Tibetans are usually their hand-remote majority.

BetiLife™ provides beautifully crafted meridian wheels to teach traditional Tibetan culture, feel the spirit of Tibet, infuse your life with positive energy, and bring an experience of inner peace and prayer.

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