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BetiLife™ brings surprises and beautiful things to your life, creates a more comfortable environment, and experiences a different life.

Our Story

My name is Phurbu Tsering (普布次仁 / ཕུར་བུ་ཚེ་རིང་) one of the founders of BetiLife™, is a native-born Zangmin from Sangye New Village, Sangye Town, Zakang County, Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region, China. There is a "Samye Monastery ( Sangye Si/桑耶寺/བསམ་ཡས་)" nearby, which is the first formal monastery in Tibet with the three jewels of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha.

Samye Monastery ( Sangye Si/桑耶寺/བསམ་ཡས་)Samye Monastery ( Sangye Si/桑耶寺/བསམ་ཡས་)

Tibet as a land of snowy plateau where I was born and nurtured, I grew up inheriting the pious beliefs of the Tibetans, experiencing the heartbreakingly impoverished Tibetan life, and quietly accepting the pure spiritual power of the Tibetan Plateau and the plateau of the Himalayan Mountains to nurture my continuous growth.

Tibetan prayer wheelTibetan prayer wheel

BetiLife™ offers a wide range of the most authentic and exquisite Tibetan handicrafts in all areas of handicraft making, such as Tibetan flags, Tibetan singing bowls, Tibetan prayer flags, sutra streamers, Tibetan prayer wheels, Tibetan bells, Tibetan jewelry pendants, Mala & Tibetan prayer beads, original Thangka paintings, Tibetan flute musical instruments, Tibetan calendar, Buddhist sand paintings, Tibetan incense, eternal knot Buddhism, Tibetan masks, Tibetan buddha statue, Tibetan stones, Butter lamp, incense burners, Tingsha, Tibetan dorje, Tibetan yoga, Tibetan book, Tibetan robe, Tibetan teapots, Tibetan Vajra and pestle and so on.

Tibetan prayer flagsTibetan prayer flags

Our Vision

Having lived in Tibet for more than thirty years, Phurbu Tsering has witnessed countless exquisite traditional crafts of Tibetan art, the sanctity of sacred temples, the most pious Tibetan culture, the truest life portrayal stories, eclipsed by sunset, unable to step out of the plateau into the distance since the beginning of time, and has lost the dissemination of truth and beauty and the transmission of love given by nature.

BetiLife™ is to build a bridge for the simple Tibetan art to go to the world. Through BetiLife™ to share the most authentic, exquisite and pure original crafts from the land of Tibetan Plateau and Himalayas, and to transmit the honesty, sincere faith and strong and independent healing spiritual power from the pure Tibetan Plateau and Himalayas; to bring the power for you and your beloveds, to absorb more pure and positive energies, and to enhance your own spiritual journey through the correct understanding of the symbols in order to obtain pure happiness and joy, and to make the world a better place.

Tibetan Plateau and HimalayasTibetan Plateau and Himalayas

BetiLife™ provides the best quality original Tibetan handicrafts, handmade artworks using environmentally friendly methods without losing the traditional roots, and obtaining 100% satisfaction online or offline, so that more genuine Tibetan art products can go to the world, and so that the world can recognize local Tibetan artisans and obtain the corresponding labor remuneration, thus improving the current situation of the life of the local poor Tibetans, and allowing them to be free from pain, and sit down to feel and enjoy the spiritual power of the Tibetan Plateau that has nurtured them for a lifetime in their lifetime, so that the Tibetan Plateau, Himalayan Mountain Range, will be made into a sustainable holy land.

Original Handmade ThangkaOriginal Handmade Thangka

BetiLife™ builds close relationships with artisans so that each crafted product is made using the highest level of craftsmanship, ensures that each product is ethically sourced, continues to help and protect traditional Tibetan crafts, and provides sustainable income for these Tibetan families to provide a better life for themselves and their families, and carries the spirit and story of the creator.

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  1. ✔ Authentic local Tibetans' high quality crafts (each one is unique)
  2. ✔ An online sales website created by real Tibetans (to promote every Tibetan craftsmen)
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