Does Alpicool have a battery

Does Alpicool have a battery

Most of this machine is produced with batteries, at the same time. It runs off the dc plug in your car (running engine is best, or very short term off your car's battery) or the a.c. plug in the house, garage, motel, etc.

Alpicool fridge battery

Part of the machine does not have a battery. If you need a battery, you need to purchase it separately (pay an additional fee).

In order for it to run and cool it needs one of two external power sources. 120v ac, with the adapter that comes with it or 12v dc.

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Alpicool First Impressions PLUS How Long Can it Run Off a Prymax 300WH Solar Power Generator?

The Alpicool will need at least 10 amp-hours per day. Taking the battery to work, refilling it, and then taking it back to the fridge could work except while you are at work the fridge has no electricity. As the sole source of electricity for the fridge, it seems weak. I wouldn't expect any less than a 100-watt solar panel to work with the Alpicool.

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Alpicool related FAQs

  • What does F1 mean on Alpicool?

  • The Alpicool Fridge F1 means low voltage for your car battery, it is eating into your truck battery and it shuts itself down so as not to deplete your battery. It has 3 settings for voltage shut off. Please set it to H1 car battery protection mode and full charge your car battery.
  • How Many Watts does Alpicool Fridge Use?

  • It uses about 36 watts when it runs. The compressor runs about 10 minutes on and then 10-15 minutes off.
  • How do I connect my Alpicool refrigerator?

  • APP Connecting Operation: Download Alpicool APP from App store or Google Play, then open the bluebooth and APP, search the equipment, choose the fridge and there will be 'AP' shown on the fridge display panel. Press setting buttono to connect mobile and fridge.
  • What compressor does Alpicool use?

  • The Alpicool fridge uses German compressors or LG compressors and adopts fluorine-free condensation technology, which can quickly cool down to -20°C, with strong stability, energy saving, low consumption, and low noise.
  • Where is Alpicool manufactured?

  • Alpicool is a subsidiary of Foshan Alpicool Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. It is located at No. 9 Huanzhen East Road, Beijiao Town, Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China. Foshan City is called " City of Electric Appliance" and a famous export base in China.
  • Does Alpicool C20 have bluetooth?

  • Alpicool C20 can be controlled via mobile phone Bluetooth, connect your portable freezer with Bluetooth, you can easily set the temperature, fast cooling mode, and car battery protection level just in one click!
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