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External Removable Lithium Battery For Alpicool Car Refrigerator

External Removable Lithium Battery For Alpicool Car Refrigerator

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Alpicool lithium battery car refrigerator power bank 15600mah external and internal for car fridge freezer cooler, black and grey models. Fits all Alpicool fridge models with battery.

Alpicool Battery External Removable Lithium Battery

Configuration Instructions
Color Black, Grey
Capacity 15600mah
Power 45W
Black Model P8/CX/NX/TW/TS/TAW/TWW
Gery Model P8/CX/NX/TW/TS
Model FSAK-002
Car Refrigerator Battery Alpicool Extral Lithium Battery Pack For Car Refrigerator Mini Fridge 15600mah DC12V
Alpicool Lithium Battery, External Removable Battery For Alpicool Car Refrigerator
Alpicool Lithium Battery Car Refrigerator Power Bank 15600mah External and internal For car Fridge Freezer Cooler

Another model: Plug In Connection AC Adaptor 24V, DC Cable 12V For Alpicool Car Fridg

 Alpicool DC Output Type and Plug-In Connection AC DC Adapter 12V

Alpicool Battery FAQs

Does Alpicool have a battery?

Most of this machine is produced with batteries, at the same time. It runs off the dc plug in your car (running engine is best, or very short term off your car's battery) or the a.c. plug in the house, garage, motel, etc.

How many colors are available for Alpicool Battery?

There are two models: Black, Grey.
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