Collection: Boat Mini Electric Cooler

Alpicool Store rated the best boat refrigerators at the moment, including solar power, 12V DC Boat Fridge with battery, or Boat Mini Electric Cooler, which can keep food and drinks fresh and cold regardless of outdoor fishing or deep fishing at sea.

Boat Fridge FAQs

Can I use a mini fridge in my boat?

Yes, there are many marine refrigerators such as Alpicool Fridge. For outings of longer duration, powerboats operate built–in front–loading refrigerator/freezers. Sailboats, because they spend time at angles of heel up to 30°, use refrigerators that open from above, usually an icebox conversion system.

Which refrigerant is used in ship?

According to the International Maritime Organisation the total use of HCFC/HFC as refrigerant in the world merchant fleet is estimated to consist of 70% R22, 26% R134a and 4% R404A (IMO, 2014).

How does a Marine fridge work?

Marine Refrigerator Holding Plates act like large blocks of ice and the cold temperature of the holding plate sucks heat out of the boats refrigeration box. Holding plates can keep ice boxes cold for long periods. Holding plates can be made for fridge and freezer.